Wireharness Checker - WSP-50 (for 50 circuits)

07 June 2019

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● Possible to do much more reliable test

With simple operation, "OPEN/MIX/SHORT/INSTANTANEOUS OPEN" errors will be detected.

"OK sound"( when a continuity test was passed), and "Alarm sound" (when it is an error) will be heard, and outputs the signal.

Outputs a non-voltage contact signal for both OK(passed) and NG(error), so it is easy to connect with outer devices.


● Indicates an error position simply

Indicates an error point straightforward because a lamp is prepared to each circuit.

Possible to fill in the circuit number, wire color, test name, etc. on the circuit display board.

If there are instantaneous opens, all instantaneous opened circuits will light up at the same time.